Pre-Acquisition Surveys

If you’re looking to invest in or lease a property, building surveys are essential to analyse the conditions, risks and liabilities associated with the property. A pre-acquisition survey is an important part of the due diligence process, helping you to make an informed decision before purchasing or investing.

A pre-acquisition survey carried out by us at Scott Chartered Surveyors also has the potential to pay for itself many times over. By getting this in-depth survey done, a potential buyer gets critical knowledge on the condition of a building, with all present and potential problems being highlighted. The report gives budgets costs for repairs and can also give estimates on the life cycle costs of a building, advice on refurbishments or improvements and repair obligations.

This information can be essential at the beginning to help negotiate a better purchasing deal. It can also help to put a long-term plan into place to mitigate liability at the end of a lease or if the buyer decides to sell the building at a later point in the future.

We offer Pre-Acquisition surveys, related services and RICS Surveys / Reports for those in the West Wickham, Kent, Surrey, London and the Southeast areas.

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We are regulated by the RICS which means all our work is to the highest standards.

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